An Idea Jam provides informed, independent insights for teams looking to economically innovate

We provide skilled innovation experts to help your teams refine problems so we can create ideas through collaborative one hour Idea Jam sessions that get you ahead of the competition.

Describe an Idea Jam in 80 seconds

This year our clients generated over £120M worth of new revenue from ideas developed alongside our Idea Jam team.

Nikolas VeniosFounder at The Ideas Agency

What is the benefit to my business?

  • Empower your staff to innovate and solve challenges 

  • Generate ideas that unlock new revenue streams 

  • Get ahead of your competition and add more value to your products and services

Try a one-hour Idea Jam

Why Idea Jam?

Many organisations have Design Thinking tools and even formal Sprint processes, but sometimes a team needs some external, unbiased advice to refine problems and create ideas. Like a band jamming on an initial riff, success often occurs in one short session.

How does it work?

We conduct Idea Jam Sessions with your team, facilitated by our experts. This way you get masses of value and experience without engaging in a full innovation programme.

The Process

What is the problem?

Your struggling to solve a challenge. You may be looking at the wrong challenge, have too many ideas to pursue or want inspiration to help create a new opportunities for your business.

Book in and fill out

You book in a one hour Idea Jam slot with us and we will set an appointment for a Discovery Call to understand the problem you are trying to address.

What's the process?

After your initial consultation with our team, they will;

  • Research your challenge or problem
  • Design your Idea Jam using proven ideation techniques
  • Deliver your Idea Jam session
  • Access to an online platform detailing all the work we do in your Idea Jam

What happens in an Idea Jam?

You’ll have a structured consultation with our Innovation Experts, where our team will help reframe your challenge so we can generate solutions to it.

We will capture notes/ideas and solutions for you via an online whiteboard for you team to review.

What is the output of an Idea Jam

Well-defined challenges and as a consequence ideas that change the trajectory of your business by unlocking new opportunities that generate revenue.

Is it available in my country?

Idea Jams are held in-person if you’re located in either the UK or USA. We can also hold them online if you are located in any other country.

Economic Innovation

We have condensed all our learnings from developing innovations for the biggest brands on the planet, which means you get all that experience for a micro fee and your team leaves their Idea Jam inspired, brimming with ideas and insights to solve your business challenge.

The Zero Risk Guarantee*

If after your Idea Jam you are unhappy with the value we have provided, you don’t have to pay a penny for it.

*In 10 years of operation, we have never been taken up on this offer.

I would be happy to recommend The Ideas Agency to any business looking to pivot or develop new product or service propositions. They are a great team and asset to our business.

James Lawton-Hill

Delivering Idea Jams on behalf of


I would be happy to recommend The Ideas Agency to any business looking to pivot or develop new product or service propositions. They are a great team and asset to our business.

JamesMarketing Director - APS Group

To date, The Ideas Agency have helped us develop over 30 innovations for some of the worlds biggest consumer brands, and have assisted us in moving into a new service space.

ImogenInnovation Manager - HH Global

Have you ever wondered how the world's biggest brands come up with such life changing and innovative ideas. They rely on creative innovators like Nik from The Ideas Agency. Working with The Ideas Agency is something that brands who want to be one step ahead of their competition should consider. I've not met anyone that comes close to their level of innovation expertise.

AndyBusiness Guide - The Growth Hub

The Ideas Agency are a great partner to have. Their innovation processes help the businesses we work with to develop new products, services and marketing strategies that keep them ahead of their competition. A delight to work with.

JoshInnovation Manager - De Montfort University

I really liked how you encouraged us all to engage, considering how long we've been remote working, there aren't many calls or workshops that get you involved (and smiling!). I always worry with talks and seminars that they can't be applied to B2B as easily as B2C but your entire concept makes it very easy to see how and where you can invigorate change, a brilliant session. I would love to attend more!

EllenMarketing Manager - Bamboo Technology Group

Through the Ideas Agency process and work we have secured new global brand clients, strengthened our existing relationships with current clients and developed further service propositions.

TimHead of Retail Innovation - APS Group

The Ideas Agency have delivered engaging and enlightening innovation sessions to a wide variety of businesses looking for fresh thinking and a different approach to growth strategy. Their innovative and expert approach resonates with our clients, and I'm delighted to be able to recommend them, and extremely grateful for their continued support.

AlexBrand Strategist & Manager - The Growth Hub

If your business needs to pivot, become the go-to instead of the me-too in your sector, or create leading products, services and marketing strategies, then The Ideas Agency team is who you need to contact.

JessicaMBA Business Director - Brunel University

Pace was good, loved the use of the chat for interaction, energetic delivery, great engagement with the audience, positive affirmations of people's input. Loved the self-centred facts and flipped customer opportunities and especially the principal of JFDI with a quick and dirty prototype, which I've done this afternoon and will be testing during my management team meeting tomorrow.

DomHead of Product Development - Green Gourmet

As a company that identifies issues, we need companies/people that can help assist us with intelligent solutions to sometimes complex problems. Our clients want to see significant growth in their businesses and Nik from The Ideas Agency always comes up with the goods.

HennyAward-winning Founder and CEO - PEM

Nikolas Venios from the ideas agency is an absolute rockstar!

GeorgeGlobal Director of Customer Solutions and Strategic Growth

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