Understanding where to locate a new gym

Delivering rapid market insight that lead to the right decision.


The Challenge

Anytime Fitness were looking at two new commercial premises to house their gyms, the problem was they couldn't decide on which location to go with.

The Outcome

Using one of our partnered market research platforms, we were able to ask questions about gym preferences to hundreds of consumers within 1 mile of each site's postcode. Within a week, Anytime Fitness had selected their location based on the data we gathered.

location, location, location.

Using one of our partnered market insight platforms, we were quickly able to establish the right location for sighting a new gym within London.

Anytime Fitness operate gyms, in a heavily competitive sector. One of the most important factors when setting up a new gym is location. Anytime Fitness were looking at two locations for a new gym, one in East London and one in South London.

We used one of our digital market research partners, allowing us to gain accurate data from our customer audience, insight such as needs and opinions, household income, age and status of customers etc. within a one mile radius of each site.

Presenting this data back to Anytime Fitness, allowed them to make a decision to place the gym in East London, and deliver services within that gym which served the identified needs of the local community.