It was all a dream

that started in 2013

More About Us and Our Founder

An Idea is the Single Greatest Driving Force in the World.


We strive to build a culture of happiness, fulfilment and opportunity. We do this in order to unlock the creativity of our own and our client's teams, so that together we can transform the future of the world's most ambitious agencies, businesses and people.

We are The Ideas Agency.


Nothing is impossible.

An idea is the greatest driving force in the world.

Disadvantage is our greatest advantage.

Explore and create beyond boundaries.

Share our knowledge with the world.

Build a culture of happiness and fulfilment.

It all started in 2013

The Ideas Agency was founded from a kitchen table back in 2013. After over a decade in business and a few award wins we've worked with some of the most ambitious people, agencies and businesses on the planet to change their trajectory by solving their challenges and driving revenues.

Check out how we have partnered with companies to create new products and services for their current and new customer audiences.