Idea Decks

Solutions from Beyond

the Walls of your Business

Delivering ideas you never saw coming

The Challenge

When you are too close to the wall, all you can see is bricks. When you are far enough away from the wall, you can see beyond it to the horizon and opportunity.

In Short

Allow us to solve your strategic, product or service-related challenges. Our creative teams are experts at producing feasible ideas that change the game.

The Deck

Our Innovation Strategists work on a Challenge set by your business. We ensure the ideas we present back to you are relevant because we spend the majority of our time researching the problem. Once you have a well-defined problem, the solution becomes obvious.

The Deliverables & Timings

Define & Discover

We will have a Discovery session to co-create a brief together which will determine the goal of the Idea Deck and what specific outcomes the ideas must meet.

Time to complete: 2hrs – 1 day

Conduct Research

Before creating an Ideas Deck, we conduct research to understand the broad topic or problem that our strategists must solve. This typically starts with our team speaking with internal/external stakeholders and customers so we can gain different perspectives on the challenge.

Time to complete: 3 – 5 days

Assemble the team

Bring together a diverse group of creative strategists, designers, and subject matter experts who can bring unique perspectives and skills to the challenge.

Time to complete: 1 day


Develop a wide range of potential solutions to address the challenge. Each idea is then researched and checked against the brief to ensure it meets the objectives set out by the client.

Time to complete: 5 days

Idea Selection

Evaluate the potential solutions generated during ideation and select the ones to take forward into mocking up based on feasibility, impact, and desirability.

Time to complete: 0.5 days

Develop the Idea Deck

Creation of a visually compelling and informative document that includes a summary of the business challenge, the selected ideas, and the recommended next steps for implementation.

All Ideas are fully illustrated by our artists so that they can be presented to you, and so that you can easily convey the ideas to the rest of the business.

Time to complete: 5 days

Present the Deck

Develop a compelling and engaging presentation that effectively communicates the selected ideas and recommended solutions. The presentation highlights the benefits and potential impact of the solutions, and gives you an opportunity to address any potential concerns or questions that you may have.

You select the idea(s), you’d like us to create a plan around for prototyping.

Time to complete: 3 days

Prototype Plan

Once the best ideas have been selected, we’ll develop a detailed prototype plan that outlines the specific steps, resources, and timeline needed to create a prototype or mockup of the solution(s).

The prototype plan identifies the materials, tools, and equipment needed to create the prototype, and define the roles and responsibilities of team members involved in the prototyping process.

The plan also establishes clear success criteria and metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of the prototype in addressing the business challenge.

Time to complete: 2 days

Prototype and Test

Create prototypes or mockups of the selected ideas and test them with customers or other stakeholders to refine and validate the concepts.

Note: This will be costed separately as it is dependent upon the ideas being prototyped.

Time to complete: TBC

High Performance

With a diverse team of creative strategists, designers, and subject matter experts, an Idea Deck can help businesses think outside the box and identify new solutions to complex challenges. By providing a structured approach to ideation, prototyping, and implementation, an Idea Deck can help businesses drive growth, innovation, and success in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Why should you commission an Ideas Deck?

New perspectives

An Idea Deck provides fresh and creative ideas that can help the business think outside the box and identify new solutions.

Competitive Advantage

Unique and innovative solutions, that give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, so you can differentiate yourself from competitors, and create new opportunities for growth and success.

Customer Satisfaction

Identify new ways to identify the needs and expectations of your customers, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Cost Savings

Identify ways to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, leading to significant cost savings over time.


An Idea Deck provides a roadmap for long-term success, helping you to identify and pursue new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Enhanced Reputation

Enhance your reputation as a thought leader and innovator in your industry, so you can increase brand awareness, loyalty, and trust among customers and stakeholders.

Want an Idea Deck?

You'll be in good company

Our (has never been redeemed) Guarantee*

On our first engagement for your business, if you're not satisfied with the service then we’ll either work to make it right or refund you 100% for the works carried out

*In 10 years of operation, we have never been taken up on this offer.

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If your business needs to pivot, become the go-to instead of the me-too in your sector, or create leading products, services and marketing strategies, then The Ideas Agency team is who you need to contact.

Jessica ChelekisMBA Deputy Director, Brunel University

Nik and the team at The Ideas Agency are great to work with. I would be happy to recommend them to any business looking to pivot or develop new product or service propositions. They are a great team and asset to our business.

James Lawton-HillMarketing Director, APS Group

The Ideas Agency have helped us secure new global brand clients, strengthened our existing relationships with current clients and developed further service propositions.

Tim WickhamHead of Retail & Innovation, APS Group

To date, The Ideas Agency have developed over 30 innovations for some of the worlds biggest consumer brands, and have assisted us in moving into a new service space.

Imogen HydeInnovation Manager, HH Global

They are an asset to us, and able to take an idea, validate it and then feedback the information to us quickly.

Adam StarkeyCEO, Green Gourmet

Working with The Ideas Agency and Nik is something that brands who want to be one step ahead of their competition should consider. I've not met anyone that comes close to his level of innovation expertise.

Andy KimeBusiness Manager, Growth Hub

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