Idea Labs

Ignite your team’s imagination

and unlock new opportunity

Find the right problem, and the idea presents itself.

Workshops (We call them Labs) that deliver ideas that lead to more products, services and sales.

The Challenge

You already have a talented team of people within your organisation. Imagine what business opportunities you could unlock together if you had a creative process that delivered new products, services and sales.

In Short

Some of the fastest growing companies in the world have had their leadership teams participate in our Idea Labs. We're not saying we are responsible for these companies stratospheric growth, but the creative process we taught them will ensure they will maintain market relevance, far beyond today.

The Lab

A one-off or series of Labs where your team actively work on a Challenge set by the business. Your team will astonish you with their creative ability to generate solutions to your Challenge. They will also take the creative process they learn during the Lab, back into your business so that it can be used in the future.

The Deliverables & Timings

Define & Discover

We will have a Discovery session to co-create a brief together which will determine the goal of the workshop and what specific outcomes you hope to achieve.

This session then informs the rest of the planning process.

Time to complete: 2hrs – 1 day

Conduct Research

Before planning the workshop, we conduct research to understand the broad topic or problem that the workshop will focus on. This often includes reviewing industry trends, market research or gaining direct feedback from customers.

Often we will take teams directly out of the office so they can experience and understand frustrations customers have first-hand, leading to better solutions as a result.

Time to complete: 3 – 5 days

Facilitator Selection

Depending on the industry and specifics of the challenge, we will designate an experienced facilitator who can manage the workshop and keep the participants engaged and on task.

Time to complete: 1 hr

Schedule and Lab Design

We will develop a detailed agenda that outlines the activities, timeline, and materials needed for the workshop. We will send this to you well in advance of the workshop.

We will also be responsible for organising logistics such as venue hire and lunch.

As every challenge is different, so too is every workshop, you wouldnt want a workshop designed to create a better ladder when you actually need a better rocket. We therefore design workshops to meet each client challenge and employ a diverse range of engaging activities that will help participants generate new ideas and solutions.

Time to complete: 3 days

Meet & Greet

Prior to any workshop we will hold an online team brief, to communicate to participants the workshop’s objectives, schedule, and expectations in advance, and answer any questions. If the participants have not met before, this is a great way for them to get to know one another ahead of time.

If the workshop is being held online, we will also create some warm-up exercises so each team member can practise using our online collaboration tools so they are set up and ready to go on the day.

Time to complete: 2hrs

The Workshop

Workshops typically span one or two days. We’ll facilitate the workshop according to the schedule and agenda, and encourage participation and creativity from all attendees.

Workshops usually follow this format

  • Review of research, inspiration and customer insight
  • Reframing of the challenge
  • Ideation (creating lots of possible solutions)
  • Filtering (selecting the best potential solutions)
  • Pitching (creating a value proposition around the selected idea(s)
  • Prototyping and testing (seeking data to validate solutions)

One thing we guarantee is engagement, fun and tangible ideas that can be taken forward.

Time to complete: 1 – 2 days

The Illustrators

We’re not fans of workshops that result in hundreds of Post-Its, so we employ illustrators who capture the teams ideas as they create them. Once a workshop is wrapped up, the team are able to take these illustrations back into the business so that an idea can be conveyed to the wider business team.

If we are working on your company vision or designing your organisations planned future, these illustrations can be used as a visual representation and printed out as a mural for you to place in your office.

The Evaluation

After the workshop is complete, we will assess the solutions against the objectives set out in the definition and discovery phase to ensure that the goals have been met.

We present the ideas back to the group in a worked up presentation, complete with digital versions of the illustrations so that ideas can be shared with the wider business.

Presenting ideas back to the group a few weeks after the workshop has ended allows the group to comment and discuss any elements they could amend to make the ideas better.

We will also gather insights from the workshop to determine the impact of the workshop’s outcomes and if any new insights or information emerged between completing the workshop and delivery of The Evaluation presentation that should be considered.

Time to complete: 1 – 3 days

The Plan

After an Idea Lab, the team will likely have generated a large number of ideas, solutions, and potential next steps. However, in order to turn those ideas into tangible outcomes, it’s important to develop a detailed action plan that outlines specific next steps, timelines, and responsibilities for implementing the most promising idea(s).

We’ll develop that plan with you and present it back to you during evaluation so that the team are all aligned on what data we need to uncover from the test to make an idea real.

Time to complete: 0.5 days


Use the insights and ideas generated during the workshop to create prototypes or test new ideas. This could include creating mockups or running experiments to validate the feasibility of the ideas generated during the workshop.

Note, this is priced separately.

High Performance

High-performance teams carry out innovation workshops to generate new ideas, solutions, and approaches to business challenges. These workshops encourage collaboration, creativity, and experimentation, which can lead to breakthrough innovations that give the team a competitive advantage.

Ignite your Business's Potential

A powerful and straightforward innovation process, designed to catapult your enterprise to new heights and drive exponential growth.

Our (has never been redeemed) Guarantee*

On our first engagement for your business, if you're not satisfied with the service then we’ll either work to make it right or refund you 100% for the works carried out

*In 10 years of operation, we have never been taken up on this offer.

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Why should you hold an Ideas Lab?


Innovative ideas and solutions, Labs typically result in ideas that lead to new revenue streams and opportunities for the organisation.

The Ideas

A list of potential solutions to a business challenge or opportunity, ranked by feasibility, impact, and desirability


A summary report that outlines the key findings, insights, and ideas generated during the workshop, along with recommendations for further action

Action Plan

A detailed action plan with specific next steps, timelines, and responsibilities for implementing the idea(s) generated during the workshop to make an idea real.

Learn and Earn

A repeatable process your team can learn so that they can continually develop new propositions for your business that generate revenue

Team cohesion

Through the collaborative and creative process of an innovation workshop, team members have the opportunity to work closely together, share ideas and perspectives, and build stronger relationships

Want a Lab?

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This was a great workshop with Nikolas Venios. The Mini Ideas Lab really helped us push towards our goal of helping customers ‘Shop Differently’ by offering a first-class customer experience.

Andy HazellManaging Director, Smart Home Sounds

The Ideas Agency designed and then facilitated an innovation process that produced ideas I am positive will differentiate Etex Building Performance from our competitors and provide added value to our customers.

Mark RileyRegional Product Manager, Etex Group

Nik and the team at The Ideas Agency have worked across our business, designing and delivering bespoke innovation workshops to deliver further value for our business.

Mel HomewoodProject & Marketing Manager, Re Resource Group

Working with The Ideas Agency and Nik is something that brands who want to be one step ahead of their competition should consider. I've not met anyone that comes close to his level of innovation expertise.

Andy KimeBusiness Manager, Growth Hub

The Ideas Agency is a highly trusted and respected part of our client experience, they've delivered engaging innovation sessions to a wide variety of businesses looking for fresh thinking and a different approach to growth strategy.

Alex CottrellBrand Strategist & Manager, Growth Hub

They are an asset to us, and able to take an idea, validate it and then feedback the information to us quickly.

Adam StarkeyCEO, Green Gourmet

If your business needs to pivot, become the go-to instead of the me-too in your sector, or create leading products, services and marketing strategies, then The Ideas Agency team is who you need to contact.

Jessica ChelekisMBA Deputy Director, Brunel University

Nik and the team at The Ideas Agency are great to work with. I would be happy to recommend them to any business looking to pivot or develop new product or service propositions. They are a great team and asset to our business.

James Lawton-HillMarketing Director, APS Group

The Ideas Agency have helped us secure new global brand clients, strengthened our existing relationships with current clients and developed further service propositions.

Tim WickhamHead of Retail & Innovation, APS Group

To date, The Ideas Agency have developed over 30 innovations for some of the worlds biggest consumer brands, and have assisted us in moving into a new service space.

Imogen HydeInnovation Manager, HH Global

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