The evolution of camping gear

Launching a new consumer brand and product through crowdfunding.


The Challenge

Launch a new camping product to a new consumer audience.

The Outcome

A Kickstarter campaign that smashed it's funding goal by 300%, generating £50K sales in one month.

An idea that turned into

a Kickstarter smash.

Watts are accustomed to creating and manufacturing world-leading polyurethane products for a wide a range of industries.

Our challenge was to turn a strip of polyurethane into a brand that would appeal to a consumer market.

Creating an end consumer brand was a leap of faith for Watts, as they’d typically always manufactured and sold B2B products. We worked closely with Watts’ marketing team and created the brand Adventure Tape.

Adventure Tape is primarily aimed at the outdoors market and has literally hundreds of uses. A bit like a stronger, stretchier, non-adhesive version of Duct tape, it can be used to lash things together, constrict, or simply applied as a quick fix.

In order to generate press about the product, and indeed, validate it to see if it was something Watts should put into mass-production, we launched it on Kickstarter and ran an accompanying PR campaign around it.

Within 10 days, Adventure Tape had met its £15K funding goal and at campaign completion was over 300% funded, with pledges from more than 1,500 backers across the world, generating £50K in sales, in just one month.

Kickstarter Campaign Here.