Making Wrapping Paper Good for the Environment

Designing a new revenue stream for a commercial printing business.


The Challenge

Create a new paper-based product that could be sold to a consumer audience.

The Outcome

A plantable wrapping paper, that caught the imagination of the world.

An idea that turned into

a sold-out product.

Philtone were competing solely on price against other printers – margins were slim and rapidly diminishing.

Our challenge was develop a product for Philtone which would offer a competitive advantage and offer the business a sustainable way to generate revenue.

Each Christmas in the UK, tonnes of paper waste is generated from people throwing away used and torn wrapping paper, enough to wrap around the world nine times.

Eden’s Paper is a wrapping paper which can be planted after use to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers. Each layer of paper is held together through an embossed zip, meaning no glues are used in the manufacturing process. The ink is all derived from vegetables so it is friendly to the environment when planted.

The product was broadcast all over the US (to millions of households) via Fox News; showcased via French National Radio Stations, featured in national UK newspapers, winning top 10 Mother's Day gift in Cosmopolitan.

The product sold out within 6 months.